Saturday, October 15, 2011

House Crest

With this new school year, our school decided to add a House system (if you don't know what that is, read Harry Potter.). We have five Houses, and I am the leader of the Elliot House. So, to go with our House and House Hero (Elisabeth Elliot, a remarkable woman), I designed a crest for our House to use.

It includes two spears shaped like the ones that killed Elisabeth Elliot's husband and the four other missionaries with him. The spears form a cross to represent how this tragic death was used to continue to reach out to the tribe and bring them to Christ. The "E" is for Elliot; it was designed by Amy (I cleaned it up a bit), and it provides an original and unique quality to our crest. Our motto is "Victoria de Tragodea" which is Latin for "Triumph from Tragedy"--a saying that relates to how God has created something good from every bad situation Elliot went through (ex. the death of her first and second husband), and from Jesus' death.


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