Friday, September 28, 2012

White Out

My dad came to me a week before school started with a proposition to design a T-Shirt for the Sports Boosters Association to sell at our school.  His only requests were that it could be used for future White Out games, that it incorporated the new Coventry eagle logo, and that he could have it by Friday.

It was a small challenge, but with the help of my friends' (and wonderful sister's) critiques, here is the final result!  The program I used for this is Aviary's Vector Editor, saved in a png format.  They are being given out with the purchase of a Sports Pass; but they are also on sale separately for those who wish to buy separately.

10/6/12 Update: I am the happy owner of the first White Out T-Shirt! Extras are still being sold, so get them while they're here!  More may be ordered in the future, upon demand.
Also, Aviary has shut down it's advanced flash editors, so I have downloaded Inkscape and will now be using that in combination with Photoshop Elements 10 for my photography.
Look forward to more designs!