Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Homemade Stamps

For Camp this year, we are making dreidels with the kids in our Jerusalem-themed marketplace!
It's so much fun; I remember making these when I was their age!

To make these stamps, we hand-sawed blocks of wood about a half-an-inch to an inch thick. (I can't remember the size, but just find a nice wooden block about the size you would like your stamp to be!)  Of course, we sanded down the sides and edges, either with a piece of sand papers, or one of those sanding machines that my dad has.

We used wood glue to attached small drawer handles to the back of the blocks.  I did this in the afternoon, and it was good and solid by the morning, so it doesn't take too long to dry.  I have no idea where my dad got the handles, but they're cute and I'm sure you can find them at Michael's.

I wanted to leave the stamps with the nice wood color, but in the hands of little kids, that ink really stains the wood deep, so this year, I spray painted them all black.  I love black because it won't be changed at all by ink.

The rest is really easy; draw your design onto a piece of foam (make sure it fits onto your stamp!) and then cut it out and glue it on.  Don't fret about it having to go on upside down, or drawing it backwards; just be sure, after you draw and cut out your stamp, that you glue the side with the drawing lines still on it to the wooden block.

I loved this project! I even painted the stamp's image on top of the handle, as a cute touch! And it doesn't cost more than a few bucks.

If you have any tips or ways to improve this, comment below! ♥

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